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Seventh Standard is a small IT consulting firm in Albuquerque, NM. We work with small businesses and nonprofits, applying a local touch to business and technology problems. We have two focuses: first, we work with small businesses with little or no IT exertise to help them take advantage of technology. Second, we offer professional services at a more advanced level in our focus areas of security, cloud technology, and Linux system administration.

We are available for consulting and technical services at an hourly rate, and also offer ongoing maintenance contracts for some services. Contact us today to discuss how we can help your organization succeed.

Managed IT

We offer a range of services to integrate technology into your business, ranging from a website to an office phone system.

Although we are not a web-design outfit, we can develop and host small-business websites and get you set up with services to allow you to maintain your website yourself.

We can also get you set up with e-commerce and online payment processing, business-class printing, records management and customer relationship management, and more — all with support available here in Albuquerque.


With certifications and experience in multiple disciplines of information security, Seventh Standard can assist you in developing a technical and policy system to protect the information your organization handles — and protect your organization from liability.

We can help you set up a comprehensive information security program for your small organization, or just answer your questions and concerns when it comes to computer security.

We also offer intrusion response and forensics services by certified practitioners.


We offer design, installation, and support for a variety of network technologies. We can work with you to install a business-class network in your office, offer WiFi to your customers, or connect your multiple sites together.

We can meet with you to discuss your needs and acquire and install equipment for ethernet, WiFi, and a variety of alternative technologies including point-to-point radio, broadband over powerline, and more. These can offer a substantial cost savings over extensive low-voltage wiring work.

We also work with a variety of networked business systems including networked printers, telephones, video surveillance, and more.

System Administration

We offer extensive expertise in Linux system administration, including both conventional environments (e.g. on-premises or colocated equipment) and cloud providers. Our work has included email and web servers, security and logging systems, and network services.

We'd be happy to work with you on a deployment strategy for your business's in-house application, maintenance of your business's computer systems, and troubleshooting of difficult support problems.