Seventh Standard provides IT consulting in the areas of security, DevOps, cloud deployment, and nonprofit and small business infrastructure. In New Mexico and around the world, we support small businesses and nonprofits by providing effective, affordable consulting on software and IT infrastructure.


Computer security incidents can impact small organizations as well as large. We can evaluate your organization’s security practices and assist in implementing improvements ranging from policy to technical controls. Security improvements need not be costly – small changes can make a big difference.


Build, test, and deploy your software project quickly and reliably. Continuous integration and testing allows you to reduce risk, improve quality, and most importantly, respond to your customer’s needs faster. We can identify your needs and help you start or enhance your DevOps process.


Moving your product and IT infrastructure to the cloud can increase flexibility and reduce cost. It also requires a shift in the way you design, build, and operate your systems. Whether you develop and provide software or just rely on software as part of your business, we can help you use cloud providers effectively.

Business Support

At the end of the day, computers should help your organization function. From desktops to phones, we provide managed services and consulting to help small organizations use information technology effectively – with an emphasis on finding the right solution for your needs and budget.